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What is beauty?
Myths have always surrounded the artist.  These myths still hold today in the minds of many people. The artist may be considered a strange being with scraggly hair, paint or marble dust penetrating unwashed clothes, obsessed with making artwork, forgetting to eat, living in a garret; antisocial. I do agree that artists are obsessed with their work, walk to the beat of a different drummer, but that’s where the resemblance generally ends.  Artists are, above all, in touch with the creative part of themselves, the tiny part that sets each of us apart from another person. Artists have learned how to tap into that uniqueness and communicate their ideas in a visual form. And, the artist is a true survivor.  Most artists have secondary professions as professors and teachers; and otherwise support themselves in a broad range of employment, until the day they’re able to make a substantial living from their own creative work.