Exhibit Title: Sculpture (mixed media & acrylic)

Personal Statement: “I am currently passionate about the ubiquitous Los Angeles Palm Tree… the King Palm, the Street Palm and Fan Palm. After a windstorm I roam the streets picking up the fabulous fronds, flowers and fibers that have fallen to the earth to construct my artwork. I complete the works by painting into my pieces with acrylic” (Harriet Zeitlin).

Title: A Forest of Columns

Exhibit Notes: Using natural “found objects” Zeitlin uses palm fronds, lotus buds and found objects on columns (Sona tubes) to create a “tree-like” grove of sculpture, totems recognizable as being derived from palm trees as well as totem columns with elaborate and surreal ornamentation. Columns are then painted or varnished. Each work has been constructed and created to make a single statement. Yet, together make a unique and powerful multiple-statement that reflects how our contemporary culture criss-crosses with nature.

Title: Legend of Daphne

Exhibit Notes: An archetypal body of work based on the Greek myth of Daphne, expressing her transformation; and embodying an underlying feminist plea for help against the unwanted actions of men. Mixed media work of dried palm flowers and masks attached to screens. Myth: Eros struck the nymph Daphne, daughter of the River God, with a leaden arrow. From that time forth she abhorred the thought of loving…anyone. Eros then shot a gold tipped arrow through the heart of Apollo. He was seized with eons of unrequited love for Daphne. She appealed to her mother to change her into a tree to escape the unwanted attentions of Apollo.

Exhibit Title: Fiber Art (mixed media & acrylic)

Title: Butoh Dancers (relief)
Exhibit Notes: “My work is influenced by classical traditional dance. The figures show the life/death struggle inherent in Japanese dance interpretations (Zeitlin 2000).” The ghost-like Butoh dancers acrobatically strive to attain and maintain balance as they scramble and tussle with life. The stuffed, painted and varnished fabric figures climb and descend across painted wood lattice work and solid wood panels, or rest into three-dimensional wood forms.

Exhibit Title: Artist Quilts (cotton & mixed fiber fabrics)

Exhibit Notes: Zeitlin’s fine art quilting expresses her ongoing love affair with fabric and textiles; and express her whimsical humor and personal look at the world we live in. The American quilt is a traditional craft form dating back to early Americana. Her cut, sewn and quilted fabric conveys her deep convictions on the environment, woman’s issues and other universal concerns. The impressive designs, hand quilted sewing and machine stitching, appliqué, fabric texture, subtle and vibrant use of color will engage you in a way no other medium can. “I love fabric and collect beautiful textiles wherever I travel.”

“The role of the artist in society is a noble one and one in which I feel privileged to participate…my lifelong commitment.” (Harriet Zeitlin 2008).

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