Born in Wisconsin, La Monte Westmoreland moved to California as a young adult and studied art at Los Angeles City College (AA). He continued his studies at California State University, Los Angeles, with an emphasis in painting (BA); completed his fine art studies, focusing on collage and assemblage (MA; MFA).

Westmoreland redirected his focus from painting to collage and assemblage after experiencing “…my first African-American art exhibit which was curated by the Brockman Gallery of Los Angeles…[featuring] Betye Saar, John Outterbridge, David Hammons, Timothy Washington, and John Riddle. The power of this exhibition made me aware of the importance of the cultural, social, and political impact that African-American artists portrayed in their works.” He is currently working on a series of collage and assemblage pieces, Kabuki with Uncle Ben “…[these new] works project my wry sense of humor and expose social issues which are layered with political satire, complimented by my use of pop icon imagery.”

La Monte Westmoreland has exhibited nationally in museums and galleries such as the Wustum Museum of Fine Art, WI; California African American Art Museum, CA; Museum of Science & Industry, IL. California galleries include, Reynolds Art Gallery; Lizardi/Harp Gallery; Feldman-Horn Gallery; Brockman Gallery; Tanner Gallery; Municipal Art Gallery; Space Gallery; Harcourt Contemporary Art Gallery, SF. National galleries: Jack Tilton Gallery, NYC; Isobel Neal Gallery, Chicago, IL.

Grady Harp, Lizardi/Harp Gallery, writes, “His art is unique in the tradition of Joseph Cornell-meticulously crafted, sensitive statements that use painting, drawing, collage and assimilation with profound simplicity.” Dr. Lamont H. Yeakey, California State University states, “Intelligent and sophisticated, as an artist he [Westmoreland] ranks among the very best creative minds of his generation in contemporary America.”

Westmoreland’s collage & assemblage artworks are found in national foundations and private art collections. California Foundation Collections: Los Angeles -California State University; Gallery Tanner; Museum of African-American Art; Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Company; San Diego - New Visions Fine Arts; San Francisco - James H. Jones. National Collections: Museum of African-American Art, TX; Mobil Oil Foundation, TX; and Atlanta Life Insurance Company, GA. His works appear in over 150 private collections. Private collectors include: Ed Anderson, Dr. Mika Cho, Atty. Katherine Cooks, Laddie John Dill, Dr. Grady Harp; Dr. Samella Lewis; Dr. Armando Lizardi, Tom Lundquist, John Outterbridge, Josine Ianco-Starrels, Mr. & Mrs. Alan Tanaka, Joan Vaupen, Kent Twitchell; Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wyatt; Mr. And Mrs. David Yamaguchi.

Numerous exhibition reviews and articles on La Monte Westmoreland’s work have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Art in America, San Francisco Art Monthly, Afro-American Art, Artweek, Art Scene, Santa Barbara Magazine, Neworld; and other media avenues.

La Monte Westmoreland received honors and awards during his lifetime of work. As student alumni of Washington Park High School, WI, he was honored to be “…placed in the Washington Park High School Hall of Fame.” He also received Awards of Recognition from the Santa Monica Arts Commission Olympic Committee, CA; and Tri-Cities Art Association, CA.

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