Born in New York Joel Schiller, as a young man, attended the famous Art Students League in mid-town Manhattan, New York. He studied with such prominent artists as John Groth and William DeKooning. He continued his study of Art at Stella Elkins Tyler School of Fine Arts, Temple University, New York. Joel Schiller completed his education in the Fine Arts at California State University, Berkeley, California.

The artist’s earlier acrylic and oil canvas paintings consist primarily of landscapes, waterscapes and figurative work. These works explored pastoral and emotional images from experiences abroad and domestic. Schiller’s strong brushstrokes and use of raw colors and soft pastels carry the viewer into his personal world. The many complicated facets of this man are visible through his work. Yet, even when his paintings initially appear peaceful, under the surface is a surprising elemental force.

Joel Schiller’s intention in his recent body of work is to make a raw emotional statement. His theme symbolically expresses the electrifying emotion hidden within the human psyche. Schiller’s “One Raw Emotion,” makes one feel uneasy in spite of the innocuous cookie-cutter patterns of white phantasms emerging from blackness, pressed-in on four sides by fiery-red acrylic. Influenced by the Norwegian artist, Edward Munch, and the German Expressionist movement, he has taken a new look at an everyday signage symbol. Selecting a symbol with subliminal meaning far beyond its original mundane intention, human utterances of extreme emotion.

Schiller is currently working on a body of work, which sees him revisiting earth’s natural beauty from a different view. His new series has been clearly influenced by the force and depth of emotion he found within himself while creating “Raw Emotion. Joel’s newest paintings capture the luminosity of light and the fire-rich colors of dusk. Raw colors are painted with bold, dynamic strokes across the canvas. The power in his acrylic paintings were once hidden under the surface, now, that power is no longer hidden but an elemental force flying off the painted surface. The drama in all of his work strikes at the heart of the viewer.

Joel Schiller is considered an established Art Director and Production Designer in the film industry. He has designed sets for forty-three major motion pictures. Schiller’s respected gifts as a fine artist were taken directly onto the sets. He received special media and private production art commissions from producers and designers. Cecil Beaton commissioned him to make production sketches for the film, My Fair Lady. Inspired by Gustav Klempt, Joel Schiller designed the body tattoos for Carl (Rod Steiger), The Illustrated Man. As the Art Director on The Graduate he created a glass fish-bowl conceptual environment for Benjamin (Dustin Hoffman). Schiller also used his fine art sensibilities to design the interior of the Rosemary’s Baby Manhattan-Dakota apartment at Paramount Studios. He was highly recognized for the artist-drawn qualities of his production design in such films as: Ice Castles, The (first) Muppet Movie, The Big Bus; and Murphy’s Romance, starring Sally Field and James Garner; and Nuts, starring Barbra Streisand; and Stanley and Iris, starring Jane Fonda and Robert DeNiro.

Eric Orbom, Art Director (ret.) said of Joel Schiller, “He brought his talents as a fine artist into all the productions he worked on…”

Schiller’s work is primarily found in California Collections. Private Collectors: Albert Heinzelman; William LaChasse, Mr. & Mrs. Erik Orbom; Cybil Sheppard; Jim Henson; Professor Murray, California State University, Berkeley; Paul Cross; Bradley Sythen. Public & Corporate Collections: Narrow Margin Films; Crocker Bank, Universal City (mural); Millikan Company; and Union Oil. Exhibits included those at Bergamot Station; Los Angeles County Museum of Art (rental gallery-five years); and Paideia Gallery.

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