Artist Statement : "My concentration during the past forty years to the present is to create images that point to the possibility of transcendence [exceeding our usual human limits]."   Matthew Thomas' work is inspired by the rituals, customs and symbolic forms of the Eastern, African, and Native American cultures. The resulting effect is "…mysterious, radiant and transformational, like the awe and wonder of the mysteries of the universe [and nature] (Shirle Gottlieb, Long Beach Press Telegram).

Exhibit Title : Circles
Smooth and thick layers of encaustic (wax) resemble water, clouds, fog and sand to reveal glimpses of an open sky and an earthly map, creating the mysterious "sphere-tuality" of our living planet. Acrylic paint and encaustic wax process on wood; wood-burning.

Exhibit Title : Rhythm of Patterns
Sacred geometric patterns inspire these works. The meeting of physical science and the mysteries of the universe come together to resemble celestial charts, medieval maps and other-world mythic delineations. Acrylic paint, paper, copper, silk, gold leaf and encaustic wax processes have been used to create the ancient awe and wonder of the universe.

Exhibit Title : Visual Tones
Reflections of flickering light and jewel tones from distant stars, as seen through earth’s atmosphere, come to life in these universal tonal patterns. Acrylic paint and pencil on wood. Encaustic Wax Process: Painting hot bees-wax, mixed with colored pigment, on stone statues and other structures. Found throughout ancient Egypt, Greece; and Rome. Copper Embossing: drawing with a pen on thin copper sheet; reversing the image.

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