Exhibit Title : Weel about…dance Jim Crow

Exhibition Notes: Demeaning caricatures of the Jim Crow era- cloaked in racist overtones.

Exhibit Title : "Seeing is Believing"

Exhibition Notes: Eyecharts block African Americans trapped in a white –parody. "The images I used are taken from late nineteenth and early twentieth century photographs…characterizing African Americans as perennial children dependent on the paternalism of their ‘masters’ to survive."

Serigraph: A serigraph is a silk screen print. Each color is printed using a separate screen. In the case of these pieces, four screens were used. One for the background, one for the block that holds the text, one for the image; and finally for the one that holds the text. In a separate operation, ink is passed over and through each screen onto the paper. The paper is allowed to dry before the next screen is used for printing. All pieces were printed in editions of fifty, with exception of "Cause and Effect," printed in an edition of sixty-five.

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