Born in Arizona, Gayle Gale studied art at the University of Arizona (BFA). Gale then moved to Los Angeles to attend Otis Art Institute/Parsons School of Design (MFA); followed by special studies at the University of London, England.

Gale specializes in wearable art and Dada inspired collage art-books, and fine art prints. "Her [Gale’s] collages are invitations to dance, sing and dream in locations recreated from her amazing viewpoint. Her collage techniques, color and movement of forms all add up to a unique profile of living places." -Carol Bishop, artist

Gayle Gale’s work has been exhibited at Southern California art galleries and facilities including the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, DADA, Bess Cutler Gallery, Margo Levin Gallery, Sherry Frumpkin Gallery; and Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), Los Angeles Art Center College of Design; and California African-American Museum.

Philosophically, Gayle Gale is also a community public artist, using the collective efforts of large groups to create powerful, site-specific public art. She has conducted mural and street art projects locally, nationally and internationally at sites in California, Hawaii, Spain, Brazil, Peru, Israel and Switzerland. Gale was awarded the prestigious 2001 Fete d’ Excellence gold medallion for contributions to youth in Geneva, Switzerland.

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