Exhibit Notes:
Title: Rivers
Notes: Carol Bishop’s series of mixed media images on paper capture the essence of water and light. Based on the Seine in Paris, the river is abstracted to recreate references of the original places leading to, moving out from; and crossed by the waterway.

Title: Hidden City
Notes: Hidden City is an exploration of how we, as human beings, tend to focus our attention on particular architecture and places. These composite photographic images are set up in a time sequence of four consecutive time moments to recreate the process of how we come upon spaces; and acquire information. The images reveal the architecture hidden behind the walls in the courts of Paris. These Paris districts are perfect examples of changes taking place in neighborhood aesthetics. “Looking at the images recreates the process of the human eye searching to find clarity and focus when encountering the inaccessible and unknown.”

Title: Places – Squares & Rectangles
Notes: Places is an *encaustic painting series focusing on cities, towns and streets of particular interest to the artist, synthesized into their essence of color and form. Using geometric shapes, each work is a “landscape painting,” reflecting a certain place. The use of encaustic media results in the color, texture and vitality of each environment to be highlighted in time and space. In addition to allowing layers of design to emerge as sense memories, the paintings act as a historical reference, while still functioning as a personal meditation on places.
*Encaustic: an oil-based medium using purified wax as a binder, first used by ancient Romans to cover their statues and temples. The medium’s transparency creates beautiful multi-surface layers of color and light.

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