Born in Chicago, Illinois, Carol Bishop studied Art and English at the University of Northern Illinois (BA). Bishop continued her education at NIU in Painting and Studio Arts (MA); completed her studies at Union University, Cincinnati, Ohio, receiving a Doctorate in Art History.

Carol Bishop is an artist whose photos, paintings and installations capture the evocative nature of places and architecture. By analyzing how structures and environments force us to think and feel she talks about the human connections to both the natural and the human made. Using various media in naturalistic styles (such as photos) or expressive techniques (paintings and drawings) she distills concepts about sites into a visual dialogue. Going beyond documentation her work reveals how a garden, city or structure is more than a place of human habitation; she explores how buildings and places hold historic narratives, visual programs, materiality, socio-political backdrops, and the ideas and agendas of the people who commission, design, build and use them. She was the 2001 “Celebrity Artist” for the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust, Oak Park, Illinois, as well as Sony Pictures artist for their 2001 “Per Cent for Art Project,” Culver City, California.

Bishop has exhibited extensively in America and Europe. Her exhibit “Fantome” marks the first solo exhibition by a living American woman in the Carousel de Louvre in Paris, France. Exhibits include: Perfect Exposure Gallery, Los Angeles, California; Mona Bismark Foundation, Paris, France; Roy Adzak British Museum, Paris, France; Huntington Galleries and Library, Pasadena, California; Marlborough Gallery, Los Angeles, California; Galerie Sur le Bief, Chablis, France; Robie House Gallery, Chicago, Illinois; Heritage Gallery, San Francisco, California. She has also shown at Georg Chrisoph Lichtengerg, Gottengen,Germany; Woodbury University Studio Gallery, Burbank, California; Deanna Miller Fine Art, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, California.

Carol Bishop’s work is found in numerous collections, among which are: The Huntington Museum; Taliesin; Mona Bismarck Foundation; I.M. Pei Collections and the Debra Vick Collection. Articles and artwork have appeared in LA Architect and Art & Academe. Her well-received book, “Frank Lloyd Wright: The Romantic Spirit,” was published by Balcony Press.

Dr. Bishop presents public lectures and written texts, many conjointly with her exhibits: “”FLW [Frank Lloyd Wright] and Romantic Architecture,” AIA, Pasadena, California; “Looking at Images,” Jet Propulsion Lab, Photo Department, Pasadena, California; “Romantic Frank Lloyd Wright, Taliesin III, Spring Green, Madison, Wisconsin. Other presentations included, “Cannibalism: Appropriation,” School of Visual Arts, New York, New York; “Geometry and Prehistoric Cave Markings,” Cro Magnon, France; and “Picasso and Paris,” Paris, France.

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