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Joseph Beckles

“Seeking Space Betwixt and Between Lines of Diversity"... Joseph Beckles, Jamaican born artist, utilizes forged and molten steel, stained glass and found materials, to create his public art and studio sculptural forms. Beckles artwork demonstrably tests the balance and kinetic energy found in a variable world. His artwork stimulates stirring dialogue in the plight of African slaves in early America; recognition of the rich legacy of African ancestral blessings; personal and community consciousness. Joseph Beckles has exhibited nationally and internationally including California, New York, Africa and Trinidad. Collectors include CCH Pounder, Artis Lane and Boubacar Kone’, Director of Musee ‘Boribana, Dakar, Senegal. Visit Gallery »

Carol Bishop

Behind the Scenes…Carol Bishop is an artist whose photos, paintings and installations capture the evocative nature of places and architecture.  By analyzing how structures and environments force us to think and feel she talks about the human connections to both the natural and the human made. Bishop’s exhibit “Fantome” marks the first solo exhibition by a living American Woman in the Carousel de Louve in Paris, France. Bishop has exhibited extensively in America, France and Germany.  Her works are found in many national collections including Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin and the Debra Vick collection. Visit Gallery »

Dorte Christjansen

“Light is Unbound”…in Dorte Christjansen’s inspirational watercolors and her thirty-year work in batik and gold leaf, inspired by Art Nouveau artist, Gustav Klimt. Christjansen has chosen to express the transcendent light and color she finds in her surroundings, its landscapes, waterscapes, informal gardens, botanical imagery and household animals. Christjansen has primarily exhibited in Southern California facilities such as the Newport Harbor Art Museum and Downey Museum of Art.  Her works are found in permanent museum and private collections in Southern California and Denmark. She has been the subject of local, national and international books, reviews and articles. Visit Gallery »

Gayle Salmon Gale 

“With her Feet on the Earth; Soul in the Sky”… Gayle Salmon Gale’s inspiration for her collage art-books and fine art Giclee prints emerged from her interaction with the “mystical worlds” of Brazilian and Spanish folk culture. According to artist, Carol Bishop, “Her [Gayle Salmon Gale’s] collages are invitations to dance, sing and dream in locations recreated from her amazing viewpoint.” Site specific works were produced in Southern California, Hawaii, Spain, Brazil, Peru, Israel and Switzerland.  Exhibitions were held at the California African-American Museum, Margo Levin Gallery, Bess Cutler Gallery, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery; the U.N. Awarded the prestigious 2001 Fete d’Excellence gold medallion for contributions to youth in Geneva, Switzerland. Visit Gallery »

Joseph Gatto 

“Born of Earth; Crowned by Time”…inspired Joseph Gatto to collect rare antiquities and exotic materials such as Egyptian scarabs, inlaying them into his handcrafted gold and silver pieces. Gatto views the earth as a vital sphere, offering a precious environment for mankind to honor, protect and respect.  His topographic “environmental” bracelets may be viewed as seen from the air, reminding us of earth’s great deserts and mountains and vast waters. Gatto’s work has primarily been shown in California and Hawaii including the Craft & Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and Sun Gallery, Hawaii. His work is found in numerous collections including Ann Miller, Edith Wyle, Sam Maloof, and Jean Ariyoshi, ‘first lady’ of George Ariyoshi, 3rd Governor, Hawaii. Numerous reviews have been written about his work. Visit Gallery »

Lukman Glasgow (c.1935-1988) 

“Pushing the Limits of Mind”…expresses Lukman Glasgow’s quirky view of the contemporary and banal world, humanity and the environment. Glasgow’s unique potter’s vision of what and who we are is found in the craziness and harmony of his hand-carved, constructed and wheel-thrown pieces. An internationally known artist he has exhibited at such venues as the Utah Museum of Fine Art, E.B. Crocker Museum of Art, Sacramento; Smithsonian, L.A. Craft & Folk Art Museum and Kentfield Hall, Britain.  Glasgow’s ceramic sculpture is found in private, public and corporate art collections.  Mayor articles and media criticisms have been written about his work; and found in numerous publications and books. Lukman Glasgow papers: Arts and Humanities Archives, University of California.  The Lukman Glasgow Memorial Gallery: located at the California Arts Council, Sacramento, California. Visit Gallery »

Mark Steven Greenfield
"You Can't Judge a Look by Itz Color"... Mark Steven Greenfield's serigraph prints and collages dramatize the effects of blackface minstrelsy on the American people. "My hope," he writes, "is that my artwork might offer a glimpse into the origins of thinking with regard to race, color and gender, while at the same time exorcising the enduring specter that dwells in the American psyche." Greenfield's artwork has been exhibited throughout the United States and abroad including the Museum of African American Art, CA; Studio Museum in Harlem, NY, NY; and Woo Yeon Gallery, South Korea. Califonia private collectors include Richard Pryor and Dr. Joy Simmons. Museum collections include the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Baltimore Museum of Art, MD. Visit Gallery »

John Kempton (c.1921-1996)

“Off-beat Soul”…is a phrase that characterizes John Kempton’s figurative acrylic and multi-media paintings.  “His imagery sees women as frustrated seekers after an unattainable idea.”  Suzanne Muchnic, Los Angeles Times, writes, “Kempton continues to churn out vividly colored paintings that look like the work of a manic cartoonist raised on modernist art history.  Picasso, De Kooning and Matisse are all present in Kempton’s wacky pictures of women.” Turning to Kempton’s small but satirical jazz artworks, we can see a glimpse of the offbeat humor he wove into his many works throughout a lifetime of work. Kempton’s artwork has been primarily shown in Southern California and Hawaii. These venues include the Palos Verdes Art Museum and Wolf-Moon Gallery, Hawaii.  His work is found in  American and European Collections including Joe Cornet, California, Masami Teraoka, Hawaii, Else Hole, Norway; and Kurt Wenner, Italy. Visit Gallery »

Mildred Kouzel

“Paving the Way”… Mildred Kouzel’s bronze and multi-media sculpture speaks metaphorically of freeways and other cultural icons of our time. She merges these contemporary icons with an ancient icon, the Grecian vase. Kouzel visualizes how “The banality of these insertions into the vessels of a once revered society and the displacement of time and space can evoke a response of humor.” Exhibitions have been held nationally and internationally in California, Washington DC, New York, and Africa, including the Downey Museum of Art and Wignal Museum Gallery. Public commissions include “Arc Doors” at Temple Beth Tikvah . Kouzel’s work is found in numerous West Coast and East Coast Art Collections: California, Colorado, Oregon, Florida; and Illinois including the Maynard Walker collection. She has received extensive reviews and media coverage. Visit Gallery »

Thea Robertshaw 

“The Color of Memory”… illuminates Thea Robertshaw’s acrylic canvas paintings through the archetypal realm of dreams, cross-cultural symbols and indigenous peoples’ myths. Her works express the personal expression found within our inner emotional landscape. Robertshaw also paints her memories of growing up as a child in Holland during World War II. “…mother locked my toys in a cupboard; then sold them off for food.”  She has exhibited at Southern California art galleries and museums including the Downey Museum of Art, Space Gallery, and Joselyn Center Gallery.  Public, corporate and private public collections include the University of Judaism, Platt Gallery, British Oil Petroleum; Meier collection, Holland. Visit Gallery »

Joel Schiller 

“One Raw Emotion”…explodes from Joel Schiller’s minimalist acrylic canvas paintings.  Schiller has transformed innocuous cookie-cutter patterns into white phantasms emerging from blackness, pressed-in on four sides by fiery-red acrylic strips to make a biting emotional statement. He studied with John Groth, William de Kooning; worked with Jackson Pollack as a young man. Schiller has exhibited in Southern California museums and galleries including Bergamot Station, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (rental gallery); Padaia Gallery. His work is found in such permanent collections as Cybil Sheppard, Jim Henson; Millikan Company and Union Oil.  Schiller is recognized as the Art Director/Production Designer for 43 major motion pictures including The Graduate, Rosemary’s Baby; and Nuts, starring Barbra Streisand. Visit Gallery »

Barbara A. Thomason 

“Brushed Aside”…Barbara Thomason uses graphite and oil paint to examine the previously undiscovered value of pedestrian images found in our environment…”and reveals the tension between unthinking acceptance of one’s visual surroundings and artistic reinterpretation of them.” (American Artist Magazine).” Thomason’s “dream” paintings are both satirical and thought provoking.  Exhibitions have been held at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Oceanside Museum of Art and Laguna Art Museum. Permanent private and corporate collections include Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Diana Ross; Princess Cruises, London, England. Visit Gallery »


“World Traveler”JThomas has been collecting European, American and Asian art since 1955.  His eclectic collection contains contemporary works of art, folk and traditional arts, American antiquities; and works from ancient civilizations. Thomas has decided to narrow his focus to make specific collections more complete by de-accessing a number of contemporary prints and paintings from his outstanding collection. Artworks include those by Joseph Mugnaini, Rico LeBrun, Fernand Leger and Corita Kent. Visit Gallery »   

Matthew Thomas

“Dissolving Boundaries”… Matthew Thomas’ subtle paintings, mixed media and wax encaustic artworks express a joyful reflection of our underlying feelings, leaving a lasting impression of who we truly are. Thomas’ work is nebulous and linear, suggestive of ancient hieroglyphics and encrypted codes; filled with innuendo and allusion. He has exhibited extensively throughout the United States, Europe, India, Japan and Mexico. Public Art Commissions include Columbia Pictures, CA, Grand Hyatt, Washington DC; Biltmore Hotel, CA.   Visit Gallery »

Kent Twitchell  

“Larger than Life”…describes Kent Twitchell’s monumental “lone figures” and figurative panoramas; and American Cultural Heroes. Twitchell singles-out those persons he honors in the cultural arts and other fields of endeavor to paint powerful murals for Los Angeles and other American cities. He also draws images from his own spiritual beliefs, selecting models for his religious figures from surprising sources. Southern California exhibitions include Lizardi-Harp Gallery, Koplin Gallery and the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. Permanent collections include the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Chicago Art Institute and the Boise Art Museum. He has primarily exhibited his work nationally. Media coverage of Kent Twitchell and his work is national and international.  Visit Gallery »

La Monte Westmoreland 

Confrontational Iconography”…projects La Monte Westmoreland’s far-reaching and indepth examination of the African-American experience. Westmoreland’s paintings, collage and assemblage pieces are layered with political satire.  Dr. Lamont H. Yeakey, California State University, Los Angeles, states, “Intelligent and sophisticated as an artist he [Westmoreland] ranks among the best creative minds of his generation in contemporary America.” East Coast and West Coast exhibits include the California African Museum of Art, Lizardi-Harp Gallery; and Isobel Neal Gallery, New York. Westmoreland’s works appear in over 150 private art collections including Josine Ianco-Starrels, Richard Wyatt, Laddie John Dill, Joan Vaupen; and Mobil Oil Foundation.  Numerous reviews and articles have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Art Monthly, Art in America and other media avenues. Visit Gallery »

Eleanor Yudkoff 

“Reflective Myth-making”…bears out Eleanor Yudkoff’s interplay of traditional Greek myths with personal iconographic mythology. Her acrylic canvas paintings are richly colored, dreamy, contemplative work making use of the allegorical figure and stylistic landscapes. Her masterly of the figure is well known in the art community.  Artist Sam Clayberger writes, “Her approach is never what you expect, [Eleanor’s paintings are] unique unto their own.” Yudkoff has primarily exhibited on the West Coast including Luckman Gallery and Los Angeles County Museum of Art (rental gallery). Private collections include Lyla Crispin from the Getty Foundation, Kempton-Corker Collection, Hawaii; and Elsevere Publishing Company, New York. Visit Gallery »

Harriet Zeitlin

Taking Art to the Limits”…best describes Harriet Zeitlin’s inspirational approach of “…using her collected memories to recapture, recompose and reorganize her experiences in a witty, decorative, realistic, archetypal, and symbolic way.” Zeitlin works two-dimensionally, three-dimensionally; in sculptural relief. She expresses her ideas through a variety of processes: oil and acrylic painting, mixed media, traditional printmaking, sculptured fabric, collage and found objects to visually depict her personal, social, political, social and environmental concerns. Harriet Zeitlin has widely exhibited nationally and internationally including the Laguna Museum, California; Santa Barbara Museum of Art, California; Weyhe Gallery, New York; Salon d’Automne, Paris, France. Significant public collections include the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, California; United States Embassy, New Delhi, India; Cedars Sinai Medical Center, California. Visit Gallery »

Janice de Loof

“My work is about me, my family, my friends, and our personal and public stories.”

Recurring images; furniture, text, photos and various utilitarian objects, are symbols from my own personal vocabulary of memories, allowing me to create universal narratives about family and interpersonal relationships. My pieces are constructs - part theater, part gameboard - that play with notions of self-identification, feeling and dialogue, using art as a framing device.

The art begins the conversation; the mind of the viewer completes it. Conversation both private and public is an exchange - an attempt by the individual to integrate or reconcile with others in the community. To converse is to identify one’s self in relation to another person or idea. Art becomes a tool for investigating the structures of social interaction. Visit Gallery »